Perthes Disease Stories

Living with Perthes Disease


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Kristen's Perthes Story
Read Kristen's story about her experience with Perthes disease.


Shriver's Perthes Story
Shriver and his mom from Dallas give an interview about his Perthes experience.


Thomas's Perthes Story
Thomas's story about his experience with Perthes disease demonstrates how a diagnosis of Perthes disease can lead to new opportunities and discoveries about one's own potential. Please watch this video about how Thomas and his family managed his treatment and recovery.
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Madelyn's Perthes Story
Madelyn is a very active young girl that did not want her diagnosis of Perthes disease to stop her from participating in sports. Her competitive spirit took her to the swimming pool throughout her treatment where she was able to compete in swim meets and stay active. Please take a moment to listen to Madelyn's story about her experiences with Perthes disease.
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Dabne's Decision?
Dabne tells an amazing story about her experiences with Perthes Disease